A partner is a physical person or a legal person (company, association, organization) who shares, assists and collaborates on an important project of the Besner Family Association. An AFB recognized felllow, an important financial contribution from a member or an exceptional gracious work allows for a partner status.

Robert Lapointe

The partner Robert Lapointe, is not a Besner but he says he could name himself Dit Besner! He provides significant consulting services and provides important work in a gracious way to the Association. He is the designer of the present modern responsive website. He also worked on the reorganization of the genealogy database hosting of the first web site.

In addition to site design, he makes sure that the AFB take advantage of software donations by large computer companies, writes texts, works on graphics and proposes new ways of doing things. He is the volunteer webmaster.

In 2019, the Association des familles Besner named him an honorary member in recognition of his contribution.

Foundation of Valleyfield College

The Besner Family Association and the Valleyfield College Foundation proudly unveiled on January 30, 2017 the creation of the Hector-Besner College Scholarship. 

SCHOLARSHIP   Hector-Besner Scholarship of $ 500 for college studies! Selection criteria: be a full-time student at COLLEGE DE VALLEYFIELD. Special thanks to the Besner Family Association for their involvement!

Bourse Hector Besner