We can talk of arms in the case of our family, for the good reason that we are not of noble descent. We can however give it a distinctive sign of the logo type. Here is one, the one we chose.

In the left upper space, the cross of the counts of Toulouse which became the logo of the Midi-Pyrénées region in France, place of origin of our ancestor. (red, bordered in gold, on a white background)

In the right upper space an anchor, (white on blue) that appeared on the flag independent companies of the Navy, which included our ancestor between 1752 and 1760

In the lower left space, the flower of Lily (white on blue) which represents the France of the former regime and also found as a symbol of the current Quebec.

In the right lower space, (red on white) maple leaf, symbol of the Canada where our family has grown.

Two banner summed up the spelling of the family name in 1752 (Bezanaire) and the one who is the most popular in the year 2000 (Besner).

This excludes not that there has been and there are still other ways to write it:
Bezner, Bezenert, Bessenère, Bessenaire. Bisnair